Rob Blackwell

Director at Large

Rob Blackwell is Chief Content Officer and Head of External Affairs for IntraFi. As part of that role, he hosts IntraFi’s podcast, Banking with Interest, which tackles policy issues in the financial services sector. Guests have included Gary Cohn, Mark Cuban, Randal Quarles, Richard Cordray, Daniel Tarullo, as well as journalists, academics and bank executives.

Rob previously served as the Editor-in-Chief of American Banker, and has covered financial services as a journalist for nearly two decades. During his tenure, American Banker won more than a dozen major journalism awards, including its first Grand Neal Award for a podcast focused on the public policy implications of vacant housing. In 2017, Rob was awarded the Timothy White Award, which recognizes journalists who display “extraordinary courage, integrity, and passion.” Rob has appeared on NPR, BBC, CNBC, Fox Business and C-SPAN as an expert on financial regulatory policy.