The Honorable Alanna McCargo, President, Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae), will be our guest speaker at the Exchequer Club meeting on Wednesday, July 19, 2023.

Alanna McCargo was sworn in as Ginnie Mae’s 18th President in December 2021. She began her work with the Biden-Harris Administration as a Presidential Appointee in the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as Senior Advisor for Housing Finance for Secretary Marcia L. Fudge.

Ms. McCargo’s career in housing finance spans decades and has centrally focused on how America’s housing finance system can equitably and affordably serve the capital and credit needs of all households. Prior to joining the Biden-Harris Administration, Ms. McCargo was Vice President of the Housing Finance Policy Center at the Urban Institute, a social and economic policy research firm where she led and developed evidence-based research and analysis on the U.S Housing Finance system. She helped to advance the national policy conversation around reducing racial homeownership and wealth gaps and removing barriers to accessing credit and capital. Ms. McCargo also served as Executive Director of the Mortgage Servicing Collaborative, a cross-sector initiative that identified and developed policy recommendations for mortgage servicing and securitization reforms to enable stability for the housing finance system through all economic cycles.

Previously, Ms. McCargo held roles as Vice President and Head of Government Solutions with CoreLogic, a property and mortgage technology and data analytics firm, and she was Vice President with JP Morgan Chase’s Home Lending division. She worked for Fannie Mae from 2002-2012 on secondary mortgage market and policy development and programs. While at Fannie Mae, Ms. McCargo worked in partnership with the U.S. Treasury Department at the height of the Great Recession and housing crisis in 2008, executing on the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, including implementation of new housing and mortgage programs to promote mortgage servicing reforms, foreclosure prevention, and loss mitigation solutions.

Prior to joining public service, Ms. McCargo served in her personal and professional capacity on nonprofit boards focused on housing security and affordability efforts including Doorways for Women and Families, Women in Housing and Finance Foundation, and in advisory roles with the Aspen Institute’s Expanding Prosperity Impact Collaborative (EPIC) for housing, and with Habitat for Humanity of Washington, DC. Ms. McCargo has dedicated her career to helping households gain financial stability and security and has been an advocate for safe sustainable homeownership and expanding opportunities and choices that help to build credit, assets, and wealth. She has a BA from the University of Houston and an MBA from the University of Maryland. Ms. McCargo resides in Virginia with her husband. ‚Äč